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Want to stretch ceiling?
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Want to stretch ceiling?
Leave your phone or e-mail ID and our manager
will contact you and consult for free

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How to get
a stretch ceiling?

Select the color and texture of your future ceiling.Contact our manager to arrange measurements.Sign the contract and start to enjoy your perfect ceiling right from tomorrow!

Ceiling is a sky of your home

Therefore, it must be as beautiful as unique.

Company Top Ceiling creates the perfect designer ceiling worldwide. And now we present stretch ceilings in India.

Thanks to our Stretch ceilings you can create the ideal interior of your apartment or office. Forget about white washing, painting and plastering for more than next 50 years. From now on, you are not afraid of leaks and horrible stains on the ceiling after the rainy season.

Stretch ceiling from Top Ceiling is a simple solution for the big problems! Learn more about all the benefits of stretch ceilings in India.


10 facts about stretch ceilings

Besides unlimited palette of colors and high aesthetics, stretch ceilings have many practical advantages. Learn 10 most important features of stretch ceilings from Top ceiling.


Time of installation



The solution of technical problems


Easy dismantling


Environmentally friendly

Sound and heat proof insulation


Do you love the classic style of the interior ? Or do you like Art Nouveau? Stretch ceilings can be inscribed in absolutely any interior design. Minimalism, hi -tech, baroque, modern or ethnic style, and many others. Our designers will help you decide. They are ready to develop any project, and professional team of builders and decorators of Top ceiling make it a reality.

If you want to change the ceiling, then to choose the desired color palette, you can go to our website. And our online consultant will listen to your wishes and will subscribe you for free measurements of ceiling at any convenient time.

Select you color


The leakage of the roof during heavy rains or plumbing break at neighbors from above is not a rear thing. Owners of the regualr ceilings have to spend a lot of time and money to fully restore the room. Repair and renovation of walls and ceiling, replacement or cleaning expensive carpets, curtains and furniture costs tainted “tidy” amount. Owners of stretch ceiling of our company are secured from such hassles. If there was a leak, then you need to contact our service, and we will eliminate its consequences absolutely FREE!

Eliminating leaks of stretch ceiling is a longestablished and simple procedure, but it should be done by the specialist.

There are two ways to remove water from the stretch ceiling. Water is discharged through holes for lamps, or performed by a partial dismantling of stretch ceiling fabric. When the water is removed, the fabric is dried and set into the place. Stretch ceiling remains perfectly flat and smooth, doesn’t change neither its form nor color, and is ready to serve you for many years to come. And another nice feature of stretch ceilings: they do not condense the canvas, do not arise and multiply fungus spores, mold does not appear. Stretch ceilings can (and should) be installed in areas where there is a constant high humidity.

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